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My favorite season is fall

I love to slip into a comfy, oversized, knit sweater, make myself a piping hot cup of tea to go, and take a walk at the botanic garden, surrounded by beautiful trees and the most colorful leaves. My son was born in Fall of 2013; this inspired his grandmothers to knit the most beautiful hats and scarves for him. They were knit using the most stunning natural fibers. Though I never learned how to knit, my eye for design, together with all things cozy and beautiful, sparked the idea for Loveknitz. I found a wonderful small manufacturer in Nepal to knit hats and weave scarves for Loveknitz. It was important to me that each piece was made with the care and quality that I cherish; mass produced items would not work!  And, it was important that everything be made with natural, rather than synthetic fibers. I am thrilled to release my first Loveknitz collection using cashmere.  


I plan my outfit around my hat

 All of the hats are hand knit with a machine and made of 100% Cashmere. The hats are designed to be worn by men and women, as well as our youngest admirers, like my five year-old son. They are designed for you to have fun with and to express your style and mood. You can wear most hats slouchy one day, and on another day, wear the same hat more fitted, by folding it over. Make it your own based on how you feel at that moment. Plan your “outfit of the day” around your hat - I do! 


Softness Overload

Hand-woven with ombré shading - this combination will perfect any outfit! You will feel like you are being hugged by a cloud. No other words needed! 


Mix and match & Match and mix

The fox-fur pom comes from Finland; each pom is then handmade in New York. All of the poms can be mixed and matched with your favorite hat. This gives you the opportunity to design your own, unique look, with the colors you love. And, don’t forget to grab a matching fur pom for your key chain or purse! 


Loveknitz will donate 20% of the *purchase price from all Baseball Caps sold to support UNICEF's work of providing life-saving supplies to children around the world.


*Purchase price includes sales to Loveknitz retail, web customers, and authorized retailers. No portion of the purchase price is tax deductible. UNICEF does not endorse any brand, company or service.



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