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December 4, 2016 Native Chicagoan Kristin Ceddia has launched a luxury hat/scarf collection entitled LoveKnitz. The hats are 100 percent cashmere, and the scarves are 50 percent cashmere and 50 percent wool. They are soft and lush with an ombre shading.

Ceddia works with manufactures in Nepal to acquire some of the natural fibers. A percentage of sales of the Ombre Slouchy Hat (pictured) will go to Unicef to support the children of Nepal impacted by last year's earthquake.

by Eva Marie

November 15, 2016 I'm so excited that my brand-new December collection is now live on!! I designed this collection making sure each and every item would be something I'd want to give (or receive!) as a gift for the holidays. Some items even come with their own special boxes (something I'm doing for the first time!) which makes gifting even easier. You can shop everything right now but be sure to tune in to HSN on December 13 from 7-9pm ET and I'll be talking about everything you see here. Can't wait!! (p.s. i'm uhb-sessed with the denim jeans with the quotes!!!  Check them out below!)

Loveknitz Cashmere Beanie


Elmhurst entrepreneur offers specialty gifts knitted with love  

NOVEMBER 11, 2016 ELMHURST – A newborn baby can turn life upside down; yet only one month after her son was born, Kristin Gudmundsson Ceddia took on a role that felt like she gave birth again when she started her first company inspired by gifts for her son.

“My mom and stepmom would give him items they had knitted themselves – hats, scarves and sweater jackets,” the Elmhurst resident said. “When my son was wearing a knitted item, everyone would stop and compliment me on it.”

The attention convinced Ceddia to use her own gift for fashion design to create a line of accessories made by hand with natural fibers. Just like motherhood, her journey to become an entrepreneur meant facing unpredictable obstacles, managing new demands on her own time and persevering with help from others.

Now that her “babies” are about to turn three years old this winter, Ceddia is proud of how far both have come: Niklas is walking and talking, and Loveknitz is making and selling cashmere hats and scarves for customers in the Elmhurst area and beyond.

“When you’re first starting off, it seems impossible to get everything accomplished. Sometimes I thought: What am I doing? I’m taking on too much at once,” said Ceddia, reflecting on those times when she was “hoping to get where I am now.”

The Loveknitz collection includes six different kinds of cashmere hats in a wide variety of colors selling for $145 to $175, cashmere/wool scarves for $195 and fur pompoms for $75 sold alone or attached to a hat. Many styles are one-size-fits-all, so they work for men, women and children as young as 2 years old.

Ceddia sold more than $10,000 worth of products in one month during her successful Kickstarter campaign, which she said was supported by “a lot of purchases from Elmhurst.”

The local entrepreneur is donating 10 percent of sales of the ombre slouchy hat to support UNICEF’s work in Nepal, a decision encouraged by her former employer and business mentor Susan Nethero, who founded the Intimacy chain of boutiques in 1992. Ceddia was still working full-time as store manager at the Oakbrook Center location (renamed Rigby & Peller after Nethero sold the company) when she launched Loveknitz.

“It’s a lot of hours,” Ceddia said. “You work all day and come home, and you gotta keep going. I always wanted to grow my career. When my son was born, I felt like it was now or never. Between my dad and husband’s mom, they would take my son. Family help was the only way to make that happen.”

Ceddia doesn’t knit herself and said the biggest challenge was finding the right company to produce her designs.

“I found a company based out of Nepal and the scarves are hand woven,” she said, adding that it was important her products weren’t made of synthetic fibers or mass produced.

“The hats are knit by hand with machine. They are naturally dyed. It takes more time. One is not exactly like the other. It’s more special.”

Ceddia said she couldn’t find any companies in the United States that could manufacture her collection by hand, and she is confident the Nepal company’s labor practices are socially responsible because “UNICEF does some vetting before they get involved.”

As a board member for UNICEF, Nethero said she has seen firsthand how “every dollar spent internationally makes a difference. She’s employing people to make her products. That’s a big contribution,” added Nethero, managing director of the Golden Seeds angel investment network.

“I believe in Kristin,” Nethero said. “She’s a terrific business woman. She’s got great styles. People want vintage and handmade.”

You can find the Loveknitz collection at Felt Chicago women’s boutique in Logan Square or at

By Diane Moca



CHICAGO, IL (November 1, 2016) As Chicago prepares for winter, designer Kristin Ceddia is excited to finally launch Loveknitz, a new collection of luxury hats and scarves for men, women and children.

The inspiration for Loveknitz came when Ceddia’s son was born. “My mom and stepmom would knit hats, scarves and sweater jackets for him and I would get stopped on the street asking what brand my son was wearing. It made me laugh, but then I realized there was such an appreciation for things that were made handmade of quality materials,” explains Ceddia.

A little over a year from giving birth, Ceddia focused on creating a line of stylish hats and scarves that were knitted by hand using quality natural fibers.  Her idea became a “second child” and while she continued to embrace motherhood, she was now learning how to start a business. 

Creating a name was easy however her biggest challenge was finding the right company to produce her designs.  It was important to Ceddia that her products were made by hand with natural fibers and not massed produced, but finding a company in the U.S. that could do both was seeming impossible.   After a lot of research, Ceddia found a company in Nepal who could knit hats, weave scarves and manually dye them.  Plus, they were known for their labor practices to be socially responsible.  It was a perfect match.

Loveknitz hats and scarves are produced in Nepal and made using natural fibers.  The collection features six different kinds of cashmere hats in a wide variety of colors selling between $145 to $175, and handwoven, cashmere/wool scarves for $195. In addition, there is one accessory… the “pom” which is removable and can be mixed and matched with your favorite hat.  Made of fox-fur from Finland but hand made in New York, the pom sells for $75.

Loveknitz also “gives back” by donating 10% of each purchase of the Ombre Slouchy Hat (retails for $175) to UNICEF and the work they are doing specifically in Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes.  For more information, please visit